Lifetimes With You

One day soon you will wake with me, And the dawn shall know the love Of a thousand mornings tumbling. i will take you in my arms and rock you baby, Tenderly loving the depths of your soul. For you deserve all the love in the world, For your kindness and your Love; For the … Continue reading Lifetimes With You


Sex (II)

To be with you in the starlit evening is to fall in love with you, over and over, where the chimes of heaven rhyme and the sacred moon shines down. To make love with you will be blissful, the things on which dreams are built. In your arms i will surrender to your tender heart. … Continue reading Sex (II)

Wedding Day

In every lifetime, In the sweetest summer Or patchwork autumn, You were there. How i love you In the morning, In the afternoon And nighttime. All times are you, In the silent rooms Of my heart. © Phillip Mellor 2014