One week

Thirteenth Winter from The Unaccompanied. It has been one week since The Unaccompanied was released. A huge thank you to everyone who has bought a copy so far and supported this latest endeavour. It means more than I can say. Lkes and comments are wonderful, but when you buy a book it really supports me … Continue reading One week

The Unaccompanied is out now!!

My new poetry book The Unaccompanied is out now!! Please consider purchasing a copy and supporting an independent writer. Links for the various versions in the US and UK stores are below. Ever copy purchased supports a dream and means much more than can be expressed. Thank you, friends. US paperback: US Kindle: reading The Unaccompanied is out now!!

The Dark Places of Lost Things Available now! The Dark Places of Lost Things read by Phillip Mellor Phillip Mellor’s eighth collection of poetry is his most elegant yet. The poet delves into his deepest archived memories, conjuring up a world that despite seeming solid and permanent, is so temporary and finite that most of the poems seem to be told from … Continue reading The Dark Places of Lost Things Available now!