Thoughts on Time

Time is a mystery For we create the ticking hands That turn the world And spin the silver stars To guide the seas to start. Nothing exists except this second here, And all that's in our hearts. © Phillip Mellor 2014

The Circle

You are the breezes of my heart, You are my heart that sings the breeze To catch the song of morning birds, The circle now complete. The way you edge the nighttime tune, And move along the starlight rhyme, For you I give my all to say You my sacred time. That with which I … Continue reading The Circle


A glass of red wine has a certain opulence, A deep swimming sophistication. Sweet berries bright and bold Fermented and full in the vessel. Like a heart of love spilt fresh upon the snow, She sings the song of lovebirds Beckoning her lover inside. A sip at her lips, an offering of beauty Surrendering to … Continue reading Cabernet