Angel of my Lifetimes

O Angel of morning
Rest in my arms
Where orchards of dreams
Bloom the fruit of our love.
Where the gentle song calling
Of true loves first kiss
Caresses the garden
To make us feel like this.

And I shall love you
Like no other could,
In the white-light of snowfall
We will warm by the fire.
And softly our day
Shall ebb into evening
Where the soft light will dance
In the ballroom of joy.

There in the meadow
In the tree of remembrance
I will offer myself
To the duty of love.
And I promise you Angel,
Now and forever,
I will not falter
Nor leave you alone.

For this promise I make
In the eyes of the wonder
That I have found in your heart
We never shall part.

Phillip Mellor 2014

Heavens Bride

She told me I was brave and bold like a knight,
That chivalry was the code I’d studied all my life;
Then she took her simple hand and placed it in mine,
She said, I’m yours if you want me, I will be your bride.

All the stars in heaven bloomed like the spring;
Every bird on every branch of every tree began to sing;
And the past was just a memory that didn’t mean anything.
Upon her pale white finger I wound on Saturn’s ring.

I’d like tell the story of our life in love;
I’d like to offer something to the stars above;
I’d like to say it’s true for I’ve released the dove
But she is still a dream

Phillip Mellor 2014

The Skipping Heartbeats of Love

Like children run along the sand
We hold life in such a way,
Hold Love in such a way.

Hold hands on long walks,
Anywhere with you.
Jumping over the moon.

I always wanted someone
To count the stars with me,
To drink wine in quiet bars with me.

Someone to hold in my heart
Like a precious bird,
Delicate and wild.

I have found you amongst the roses
And for the first time in my life
I am born into a dream reality.

Sounds and sweet refrains
Dance and sing in the breeze,
All is Love and peace.

I wish for you all the happiness
Of long weekend days and the smiles
Of angels blessings.

You are my lover of Love.
Sweet lady lay by me
And let’s whisper our love to the stars.

Phillip Mellor 2014


Sings to the dawn of your heart,
Soothes the nighttime;
Softy meandering the rivers of your soul.

You are my love, truest love, and the centuries
Fall away in your arms.

We are young again!
Did we ever really grow old?
Forever young in our hearts, now one again,
Now as this final lifetime unfolds.

Still the song of the blackbird calls
Over the rivers and down to the lakes.
Twilight in our dreams, a magical time of love.

It is time to sow the seeds,
To plant the garden,
To shed our yesterdays in this beautiful breeze.

You are my only love.
O truest dreamer.
I would die for you!

For I am your blackbird,
forever faithful in my calling.
And every morning I am with you
And every nighttime too.

Phillip Mellor 2014


my place of dreams, inside
stars shine, reaching in,
deeply folding themselves
over like waves tumbling.
you are there upon a beach,
outside a house, a porch swing
and the seagulls swoop the air.
in there, sweet singing,
joy and love in equal measure.
one is the other, in silence
both are the same.

© phillip mellor 2014


Lifetimes With You

One day soon you will wake with me,
And the dawn shall know the love
Of a thousand mornings tumbling.
i will take you in my arms and rock you baby,
Tenderly loving the depths of your soul.
For you deserve all the love in the world,
For your kindness and your Love;
For the centuries that have passed between us
And all the time that’s lost.
All will be a memory, accept the love that runs
Wild in fields and through forest clearings
And the sea, we Love the sea!
Whether it was in Pari, New York or Rome,
Australia or England’s shores,
With you everywhere is home.

© Phillip Mellor 2014

Sex (II)

To be with you in the starlit evening
is to fall in love with you, over and over,
where the chimes of heaven rhyme
and the sacred moon shines down.
To make love with you will be blissful,
the things on which dreams are built.
In your arms i will surrender
to your tender heart.

I am so in love with you words will not do.
Forever feels like this, a kiss upon your lips.

© Phillip Mellor 2014

What I Best Love About You

Every word you speak is like music to me,
Visiting the sacred spaces of my soul.
Every little thing you do sets my heart
Racing like there’s no tomorrow.
You are like a gentle breeze blowing,
The first thought at morning waking.
Home to me in every lifetime.
In my heart rooms beating true.
Now and forever i want you to know how
Grateful and thankful i am that you are my girl.

© Phillip Mellor 2014