Angel of my Lifetimes

O Angel of morning Rest in my arms Where orchards of dreams Bloom the fruit of our love. Where the gentle song calling Of true loves first kiss Caresses the garden To make us feel like this. And I shall love you Like no other could, In the white-light of snowfall We will warm by … Continue reading Angel of my Lifetimes

Heavens Bride

She told me I was brave and bold like a knight, That chivalry was the code I'd studied all my life; Then she took her simple hand and placed it in mine, She said, I'm yours if you want me, I will be your bride. All the stars in heaven bloomed like the spring; Every … Continue reading Heavens Bride


Sings to the dawn of your heart, Soothes the nighttime; Softy meandering the rivers of your soul. You are my love, truest love, and the centuries Fall away in your arms. We are young again! Did we ever really grow old? Forever young in our hearts, now one again, Now as this final lifetime unfolds. … Continue reading Blackbird