The Dark Places of Lost Things (2019)

Phillip Mellor’s eighth collection of poetry is his most elegant yet. The poet delves into his deepest archived memories, conjuring up a world that despite seeming solid and permanent, is so temporary and finite that most of the poems seem to be told from the point of view of a ghost. The spirits impart their timeless stories and lessons, and encourage all those who wander through their haunted rooms to honor the past and seize the present to avoid their own fate in the future. The poems are immediate, engaging, and their scope acutely focuses in on subjects ranging from lost dreams, lost freedoms and lost love, to the current state of the world today. Phillip Mellor has delivered a collection of poems full of the hopes and fears of the modern world and the call to live your life with an open heart.

Cover Art by Heather Mellor

Page Count: 92

Drawing Outside of The Lines: Poems 2007-2017

Drawing Outside of the Lines: Poems 2007-2017 features a personal selection of his work from his ten years of publishing, alongside a hearty selection of uncollected works. Whether you are familiar with Phillip Mellor’s work or a new comer, this collection will either provide you with a generous introduction to his world of words, or a welcome reminder of why you fell in love with his poetry in the first place.

Cover Art by Heather Mellor

Page Count: 196

Other Silent Days (2016)

Written over a four year period (2012-2015), Other Silent Days is an epic collection of poems. A book in four parts, each written in a different year of my life. This one is a real labour of love for me and it was almost scrapped several times. I am so happy it wasn’t now. The book will take you on a journey of self discovery, through a wide spectrum of human situations.

Cover and artwork throughout by Heather Carr ( except “Orchid” by Lynn Howarth (

Page Count: 362

Lights From The Lowlands (2014)

Two years after Seasons of Distration’s publication, and after one of the most creative periods of my writing career, I published Lights From The Lowlands. A collection full of poems that are meditations on love, life and spiritual exploration. A Love letter to the stars.

Cover Artwork: Ting Huang (

Page Count: 68

Seasons of Distraction (2012)

The poems contained in these pages span a wide variety of subject matter, shifting from the spiritual to the surreal. Looking back on these poems I realise they really capture my writing at a moment of change. Not just in my style but in my life also. The central narrative is really about finding yourself in a crazy world.

Cover Artwork: Suzanne Worsnop Clarke (

Page Count: 101

Bones and Broken Hearts (2011)

2011’s Bones and Broken Hearts is my fourth collection of poetry to be published. This set of poems deal with the human heart in all it’s strength and fragility.

Cover Artwork: Phillip Mellor

Page Count: 45

MoonJar (2010)

Following the release of Conditioned by the System, after almost 3 years of writing, MoonJar was published. A more gentle collection of poetry, full of tales of wandering hearts, dream-filled seas and the long journey through life.

Cover Artwork: Kara Seaman

Page Count: 72

Conditioned By The System (2009)

Published in 2009, Conditioned by the System is a spontaneous politically motivated group of poems that was sparked by the so-called credit crunch. Written while working on the poems that became the collection MoonJar. They have a harder edge than my previous work, but also, I hope some humour.

Cover Artwork: Phillip Mellor

Page count: 46

Still Growing (2007)

Published in 2007, this, my debut offering contains a selection of my poetry written between the years of 1998-2007.

Cover Artwork by: Michelle Love (

Page count: 68

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