In Her Smile My Dreams Are Born.

Sweet sailing high-tide sky,
Swimming eyes see the heart tremble.
A morning murmuration of starlings
Swirl an embrace of coffee clouds.

She awakens, half a world away
To angel song, singing her soul.
I will never know this wonder,
To see her eyes open, and her shine

Fall through the years of pain
Finally over; finally turning
Tears into smiles, but that’s alright
So long as this is true,

All my dreams are too.

© Phillip Mellor 2015


my place of dreams, inside
stars shine, reaching in,
deeply folding themselves
over like waves tumbling.
you are there upon a beach,
outside a house, a porch swing
and the seagulls swoop the air.
in there, sweet singing,
joy and love in equal measure.
one is the other, in silence
both are the same.

© phillip mellor 2014