springtime bird

there’s a bird singing in my garden
the notes of the new day sun,
an equinox of the love that rises
through our hearts as one. 
his song fills our senses to mingle
and merge with these parallel shifts.
a cornucopia of wonder waits
at the borders of our fingertips. 
there’s a bird singing in my garden
he sings his song only for you.
he has followed my arrangement so perfectly 
the colour he sings of is new. 
there’s a bird singing in my garden
with no idea what he’ll become. 
yet he knows that is heart has been captured
by the spring that has finally come. 
phillip mellor 2015 


Sings to the dawn of your heart,
Soothes the nighttime;
Softy meandering the rivers of your soul.

You are my love, truest love, and the centuries
Fall away in your arms.

We are young again!
Did we ever really grow old?
Forever young in our hearts, now one again,
Now as this final lifetime unfolds.

Still the song of the blackbird calls
Over the rivers and down to the lakes.
Twilight in our dreams, a magical time of love.

It is time to sow the seeds,
To plant the garden,
To shed our yesterdays in this beautiful breeze.

You are my only love.
O truest dreamer.
I would die for you!

For I am your blackbird,
forever faithful in my calling.
And every morning I am with you
And every nighttime too.

Phillip Mellor 2014