Roads Across The Sea

We stretch our arms out to reach the borders,

Over water and under sky we catch the breeze.
I place my heart lightly on your dreams,
To see if it melts, to see how it feels
For just one lifetime to love and be loved
Without hesitation, without resignation. 
If there was a road over the sea,
I would walk to you, my love,
Counting each step like a mantra,
Feeling the salty water beneath my soles.
And I know you would be there waiting,
My queen, my little raven wrapped in ebon robes.
Phillip Mellor 2015

Forever Springs

In the fields darkness falls
The cawing crow calls the moon
Alive with elation dreams.

Gone all too soon
The dance of the wind
Before we begin
To reach the temple;

Where love is blooming
In the shadows
By the alter
Inside my soul.

She worships you
Long and whole
Billowing bright
She bridges the night,
Calling the song of the sea.

Love was named after thee,
A whisper of dew on the flesh
Weaves through my heart.

Mountain springs well within,
Overflowing the tributaries
Flooding tears begin;
And rain, sweet rain.

Words cannot describe
The tender way I will hold you,
Hold you forever through life.

© Phillip Mellor 2015

The Prince and The Queen

She whispered on the wind her sweet knowing
That they would always be in love no matter what life threw at them.
God knows it had driven her to her knees so many times
And he himself had been broken by it.
Yet he had made a sacred vow inside his heart a long time ago,
That he would love her and protect her no matter what.
For he was her Prince and her Knight, and she his Queen.

© Phillip Mellor 2015