The Circle

You are the breezes of my heart,
You are my heart that sings the breeze
To catch the song of morning birds,
The circle now complete.

The way you edge the nighttime tune,
And move along the starlight rhyme,
For you I give my all to say
You my sacred time.

That with which I spend my worth,
All the gold there is on earth
To ebb the essence of truest you
Forever green and blue.

And what is true in all things you,
Is me and you together,
For as you say no one can falter
When love is true forever.

Now underneath the tree we kiss
In the midst of falling leaves,
And know right here the truest tryst,
The circle now complete.

Phillip Mellor 2014

What I Best Love About You

Every word you speak is like music to me,
Visiting the sacred spaces of my soul.
Every little thing you do sets my heart
Racing like there’s no tomorrow.
You are like a gentle breeze blowing,
The first thought at morning waking.
Home to me in every lifetime.
In my heart rooms beating true.
Now and forever i want you to know how
Grateful and thankful i am that you are my girl.

© Phillip Mellor 2014