New Book/Old Books

I am hard at work on a new volume of poetry that will be available to you all later in the year. Until then, if you enjoy the work you read on this page, I have several books available for purchase via the link. So if the fancy takes you, please visit my store and take your pick. Not only will you recieve a beautifully printed book that you will be able to pick up and read at any time, you will be supporting an independent writer. The world is a difficult place for anyone trying to stay independent in any industry, so by buying just one book you are truly supporting me in the best way possible. It helps me fund future projects and really means the world to me. I am not really a salesman so this comes as a slightly alien thing to me. But those are the perils of being independent. Thank you for reading this and taking an interest in my work. Every comment, share or like means the world to me. Till next time. Take care. 


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