New Year/New Book… Soon!

A very belated happy new year to you all! January has come and gone and February is here! I was hoping to be able to give you some solid news about when my new book of poems was going to be released, however this just isn’t possible at this moment for several reasons. 

I have recently relocated and all the excitement that ensues from that endeavour has and is still in motion. A recent family bereavement has been receiving much of my emotional attention and of course a recent submission of work to the New Yorker (one poem of which is planned to be featured in Other Silent Days) is still under consideration. 

What I can tell you is I have had some very exciting conversations with Heather and the cover art sounds like it is going to be awesome! Once that is completed we can proof the book and review ready to sign off for the full printing run. I will keep you up to date as much as I can over the next weeks and as soon as I can I will be announcing when you can get your hands on a copy for yourself. 

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. 2016 is going to be amazing! I hope you can come along for the ride!

Phil x

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