Other Silent Days… After all the chops and changes the book…

Working on my new poetry book this morning. 📖 I am amazed that after almost 4 years of writing these poems I can look upon them as if they were poems by another writer. I know I wrote them, yet here they are after all this time separate from me in someway. I am amazed and humbled I have been given this gift of creativity and communication. I so desperately want to share these things with the world, not to be famous or rich (although making enough money to be able to be a full time writer is the goal) but to bring joy, light and happiness to people. To offer emotional support to those out there that think they are alone. This will ensure my gift is not wasted. 
My work often explores the theme of love and often I look at the darker elements of life, the disappointments and heartaches. But out of all that comes faith, positivity, hope and love. Yes, I write first and foremost to please myself, but it is my hope that my work can provide hope and warmth to people who feel that they have none. That they are not alone in how they feel. 
Many of the poems in what is to be a large single volume of work have been shared to Facebook and other sites before. Some of you will have read them and even requested that they all be put in a book one day. Well they are being, and sometime next year you will, should you wish to, be able to own a copy of them. 
I feel very strongly that because a vast number of these poems have been shared before that they in someway belong to you as much as me. That is why I will be selling the book at cost. No profit will be taken by me from the sale of this book. I want as many of you as possible to be able to read and enjoy the work I have produced and hope that you will all come along with me as I take the next step in my writing career. There are many exciting projects I have the wish to participate in and I would love if those of you that feel a kinship to my work could enjoy the fruits of those projects too. 
Life for me has been a rough ocean these passed 4 years, though calm seas never made a great sailor, and I now see the sunrise and the promise of tranquil bays. I am so grateful for the challenges I have faced. So happy and thankful that I got to meet so many wonderful people along the way. I think the title of the book really captures my feeling on this time. It is to be called: Other Silent Days. 

Poems Vol 1

On the 10th July 2015 I will be releasing my first ever audiobook, Poems Vol 1. The poems I read and recorded for this cd album are taken from a cross section of my poetry books, seven of which are from the upcoming collections Poetrybox Vol I to IV and are currently unreleased. There are 22 performances in total and they were recorded between April and June of this year.

Although I have done my best to select poems that fit together despite being from several collections and periods of time, each poem has its own personality, and I have tried to honour that in the production, preferring to capture an individual atmosphere and feel rather than record them all uniformly.
Each package is printed in full colour and put together by hand by yours truly. No mass production involved. The card for the cd case is made from 100% recycled materials and the printed card both attached to the front, back and the inlay are sourced from responsible and recycled sources. The CD is a beautiful vinyl style with a black data side to carry the retro feel for vinyl lovers and each one is hand signed by myself.
I don’t currently have a store set up on my website, so if you are interested in having your own copy of this please private message me. Each album is £5 + postage and packaging (prices included at the bottom of this post) and each one made to order.
Here is a sneak peek at the package with artwork by Heather Carr and the poem, Trees, Autumn from the album:
Postage Prices: UK £1, Europe £2.50 and Rest of the World £3

You’ll Know Him

Far across the desert 
Over the dusty cracking earth,

There is a man of legend 

Who lives a life of dearth. 

Inside his soul is hollow,

Devoid of love or light. 

His heart is pruned and withered 

And his blood runs black as night. 
His name I cannot speak it,

His look I can’t describe. 

But you’ll know him by the piercing

Daggers in his eyes. 

No man or maid dare wander

Into the hovel of his room. 

Inside he keeps such secrets

That no one should consume. 
I hear he lived a wondrous life

Had a wife and two fine kids.

But fatal fate had turned one day

And broke his love to bits. 

He turned his back to the sun

And wandered off the edge,

For years no one has seen him

But I just can’t forget. 
For I know him in the silent

And wounded on this road.

I’ve seen him in the eyes of those

Who’ve lost all self control. 

I’ve felt him move inside me

And whisper to me lies.

He runs in tear-like rivers

That pour forth from his disguise. 
So if you come to know him

Don’t look into his eyes,

Don’t sit down at his table

Or in his water you’ll baptise.

He’ll turn your soul to desert 

An arid desolate land. 

And you’ll too wear the scars

Of this broken bloodily man. 
So while I’ve got a voice to speak,

While there is hope within my heart.

I choose to spark a candle

That holds back his deadly dark. 

We all must learn to live here

Side by side with every man

And accept that there’s a balance 

In time’s silver shifting sands. 
Far across the desert

The wind it howls and moans. 

But devil’s cannot speak the names

Of things they can’t control. 
Phillip Mellor 2015


Tracing the outline of the mountains,
The snow-topped trees with my finger,
Feeling winter thaw away;
Imprints and passports are rights of passage here. 
Tumbling through leaves, the feathered bird
Flutters and falls, catching the cold air
Like frozen lakes in your dreams. 
The hard ground recalls a winter howl
And the ages of Alexandra beckon you back –
Back to a time when you were king,
And she, once a scarlet fever upon your brow,
Is now the queen of your heart. 
But kings are selfish beasts, 
Burdening the heart of such delicate birds,
And they, in their lust forget bones are brittle
And hearts do break, and queens are still princesses underneath. 
Handle your love like a flightless bird,
Offering your hand to sit and catch a fall
Or a slip upon the icy world.
Be not a king, be a boy, and she shall forever be your girl. 
© Phillip Mellor 2015

This Is Who We Are

This is who you’ve always been,
The wind between the branches;
Bright blossom in the fields of spring;
The moon’s low light at night. 
The echo ‘tween the tall top trees
And the skyscrapers dancing. 
Within the silent sighs of the breathing sea
Your home is where you love. 
And this, this has always been the place,
Next to the lake and the mountain side;
By the sea and the forest free
Is where your heart resides. 
Love, love is just a way to be,
A beating heart in time;
And I, I have always been yours 
And you have always been mine. 
Phillip Mellor 2015