although i am away from you between us there is no distance. i know the world we tried to build crumbled to the sea. life is full of flow and resistance, somedays joy, somedays tragedy. yet the sun rises and sets to see love in all her children dance. there is a place we hold … Continue reading absentees

In The Heart of Every Man

Below the blue ice shines, the clouds they form a heaven. Between the earth and stars the thin horizon line is endless. Before watchful eyes we wander both near and yet so far. From the highest perch we watch ourselves and wonder who we are. To let go and trust our destiny in the Divine's … Continue reading In The Heart of Every Man

Beloved Prayer

Tip out every last drop of me Fill me up with you. Take my name and cast it out Upon your great seas. For I am nothing but blue. Dissolve my want and needs, Evaporate them in your sun; Shine in my heart today And in the hearts of everyone. © Phillip Mellor 2015