In The Heart of Every Man

Below the blue ice shines, the clouds they form a heaven.
Between the earth and stars the thin horizon line is endless.
Before watchful eyes we wander both near and yet so far.
From the highest perch we watch ourselves and wonder who we are.

To let go and trust our destiny in the Divine’s master plan.
For all the answers that we seek are in the heart of every man.

And the ageless pilgrim passes between the swords of right and wrong,
To dissolve the nature of extremes and sing his only song.
This is where we come to pass on all our lonely nights,
And days returned from distance shores are brought into the light.

To fulfil the sea’s devotion and the sky that soothes the land,
All these things they bloom inside the heart of every man.

The trees of day they wake to greet the sparrow’s gentle feet.
The brush of wind that watches in and cools the summer’s heat.
Then along the pathway seasons pass but nothing really does,
Only transcends back to innocence voice and innocent love.

In the wordless winds I think I hear a voice that understands,
That all are one beneath the sun and in the heart of every man.

© Phillip Mellor 2015

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