Angel of my Lifetimes

O Angel of morning
Rest in my arms
Where orchards of dreams
Bloom the fruit of our love.
Where the gentle song calling
Of true loves first kiss
Caresses the garden
To make us feel like this.

And I shall love you
Like no other could,
In the white-light of snowfall
We will warm by the fire.
And softly our day
Shall ebb into evening
Where the soft light will dance
In the ballroom of joy.

There in the meadow
In the tree of remembrance
I will offer myself
To the duty of love.
And I promise you Angel,
Now and forever,
I will not falter
Nor leave you alone.

For this promise I make
In the eyes of the wonder
That I have found in your heart
We never shall part.

Phillip Mellor 2014

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