New! She Waits video

I am excited to share with you all my new video for my poem She Waits. The poem originally appeared in Other Silent Days in 2016 and then again in last years selected poems Drawing Outside of the Lines: Poems 2007-2017.

This recording was originally made in 2016 and I put together the video more recently. To view the video on my YouTube channel follow this link She Waits

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Who We Are

This morning I have been reviewing my first draft of the new book, Other Silent Days. The poems in the book stretch as far back as 2012 through to the present day, covering various subjects.

With the current vile display of the worst side of human nature that is happening around the world at the hand of extremists, and the war mongering talk in the media and by the worlds politicians, I felt maybe it was time for reflection and inner peace. I came across the following poem and thought it was fitting to share today. I wrote it back in 2012. I hope it can resinate some hope in peace in your hearts. Peace.

Who We Are

I sought the stars for answers, 
The cosmology of truth; 
The origin of remembrance
In the vastness of our youth.

I found nothing there but deconstruction; 
The building blocks of life. 
I found no emotion in the void
Just the actualities implied.

No story to be told; 
No conclusion to be drawn; 
No scientific paper to write; 
No intellectual dawn.

Just faith in the knowledge
That we are more than the sum of our parts; 
There is hope in our existence
And the complexities of our hearts.

And we are altogether one
A symmetry of stardust –
A revolving mass of particles
Adrift in the darkness.

Despite all our differences
And varied points of view,
You are related to me
As I am to you.

And from a distance we are viewed
As just another lonely star
Flickering in the firmament
With someone wondering who we are.

Phillip Mellor from Other Silent Days (coming 2016)


Tracing the outline of the mountains,
The snow-topped trees with my finger,
Feeling winter thaw away;
Imprints and passports are rights of passage here. 
Tumbling through leaves, the feathered bird
Flutters and falls, catching the cold air
Like frozen lakes in your dreams. 
The hard ground recalls a winter howl
And the ages of Alexandra beckon you back –
Back to a time when you were king,
And she, once a scarlet fever upon your brow,
Is now the queen of your heart. 
But kings are selfish beasts, 
Burdening the heart of such delicate birds,
And they, in their lust forget bones are brittle
And hearts do break, and queens are still princesses underneath. 
Handle your love like a flightless bird,
Offering your hand to sit and catch a fall
Or a slip upon the icy world.
Be not a king, be a boy, and she shall forever be your girl. 
© Phillip Mellor 2015

This Is Who We Are

This is who you’ve always been,
The wind between the branches;
Bright blossom in the fields of spring;
The moon’s low light at night. 
The echo ‘tween the tall top trees
And the skyscrapers dancing. 
Within the silent sighs of the breathing sea
Your home is where you love. 
And this, this has always been the place,
Next to the lake and the mountain side;
By the sea and the forest free
Is where your heart resides. 
Love, love is just a way to be,
A beating heart in time;
And I, I have always been yours 
And you have always been mine. 
Phillip Mellor 2015


your naked breath upon my skin,
    hands wound tight like galaxies spiralling. 
landscapes crumble into silent streams
    where whispers melt with echoes. 
    dreams in the ethereal sky star a still sea
and ripple the veil in front of my eyes. 
     forgive me if my mouth is speechless at this, 
but the sweep of your soul has me caught. 
there is no time to tell you all that i ought,
     so take this kiss from my heart as your own. 
and know that the ways we travel are vast
     and wherever you wander, you are never alone.
     even the night cannot keep us apart,
its vast mountains and seas are useless at this. 
      for i am the breeze, the sun and the stars,
always brushing lightly at your heart. 
i am the waves, the storm and the sea,
      the warmth that you feel in each coffee sip. 
i am your heart and i am your soul,
       even the wind, breathless at your lips. 
phillip mellor 2015

Blue Coffee

The bluebird soars
As nighttime yawns
Sliding to slumber
In the waking dawn.
The sunshine smiles
And all the while
The coffee brews,
This coffee’s blue.

The Java jive
Is still alive,
In shuffled sheets
We live our dreams.
Sleepy head
Stay in bed,
It’s ok
Either way.

For morning’s kiss
Upon the lips
As opened eyes
And open minds.
With open hearts
We both embark
To face the day
In love’s blue bay.

The starlings sing
Their offering
In sweetest notes
And sunshine rings.
Come drain the cup,
Don’t give up
Life is brief
But endless is Love.

The bluebird soars,
The nighttime yawns
The sweetest slumber
In the early dawn.
In sunshine smiles
Deep in your eyes.
A coffee for you,
Blue coffee blue.

© Phillip Mellor 2015

A Dance of Stars

all is still within the silent moon of sleep,
yet within the silence there is the tune
as sweet as dew upon a flower petal, and as deep
as the heart of the waking morn.

the saxophone drifts upon the dawn,
as light as a breeze, as fresh as new born
leaf in bud; if you knew you would
dance with the fading stars.

© Phillip Mellor 2015

In The Heart of Every Man

Below the blue ice shines, the clouds they form a heaven.
Between the earth and stars the thin horizon line is endless.
Before watchful eyes we wander both near and yet so far.
From the highest perch we watch ourselves and wonder who we are.

To let go and trust our destiny in the Divine’s master plan.
For all the answers that we seek are in the heart of every man.

And the ageless pilgrim passes between the swords of right and wrong,
To dissolve the nature of extremes and sing his only song.
This is where we come to pass on all our lonely nights,
And days returned from distance shores are brought into the light.

To fulfil the sea’s devotion and the sky that soothes the land,
All these things they bloom inside the heart of every man.

The trees of day they wake to greet the sparrow’s gentle feet.
The brush of wind that watches in and cools the summer’s heat.
Then along the pathway seasons pass but nothing really does,
Only transcends back to innocence voice and innocent love.

In the wordless winds I think I hear a voice that understands,
That all are one beneath the sun and in the heart of every man.

© Phillip Mellor 2015

In Her Smile My Dreams Are Born.

Sweet sailing high-tide sky,
Swimming eyes see the heart tremble.
A morning murmuration of starlings
Swirl an embrace of coffee clouds.

She awakens, half a world away
To angel song, singing her soul.
I will never know this wonder,
To see her eyes open, and her shine

Fall through the years of pain
Finally over; finally turning
Tears into smiles, but that’s alright
So long as this is true,

All my dreams are too.

© Phillip Mellor 2015