New! She Waits video

I am excited to share with you all my new video for my poem She Waits. The poem originally appeared in Other Silent Days in 2016 and then again in last years selected poems Drawing Outside of the Lines: Poems 2007-2017. This recording was originally made in 2016 and I put together the video more … Continue reading New! She Waits video

Who We Are

This morning I have been reviewing my first draft of the new book, Other Silent Days. The poems in the book stretch as far back as 2012 through to the present day, covering various subjects. With the current vile display of the worst side of human nature that is happening around the world at the … Continue reading Who We Are


Tracing the outline of the mountains,The snow-topped trees with my finger,Feeling winter thaw away;Imprints and passports are rights of passage here. Tumbling through leaves, the feathered birdFlutters and falls, catching the cold airLike frozen lakes in your dreams. The hard ground recalls a winter howlAnd the ages of Alexandra beckon you back –Back to a time when … Continue reading Amnesia


your naked breath upon my skin,    hands wound tight like galaxies spiralling. landscapes crumble into silent streams    where whispers melt with echoes.     dreams in the ethereal sky star a still seaand ripple the veil in front of my eyes.      forgive me if my mouth is speechless at this, but the sweep of your … Continue reading heart-kiss