Blue Coffee

The bluebird soars
As nighttime yawns
Sliding to slumber
In the waking dawn.
The sunshine smiles
And all the while
The coffee brews,
This coffee’s blue.

The Java jive
Is still alive,
In shuffled sheets
We live our dreams.
Sleepy head
Stay in bed,
It’s ok
Either way.

For morning’s kiss
Upon the lips
As opened eyes
And open minds.
With open hearts
We both embark
To face the day
In love’s blue bay.

The starlings sing
Their offering
In sweetest notes
And sunshine rings.
Come drain the cup,
Don’t give up
Life is brief
But endless is Love.

The bluebird soars,
The nighttime yawns
The sweetest slumber
In the early dawn.
In sunshine smiles
Deep in your eyes.
A coffee for you,
Blue coffee blue.

© Phillip Mellor 2015

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