your naked breath upon my skin,
    hands wound tight like galaxies spiralling. 
landscapes crumble into silent streams
    where whispers melt with echoes. 
    dreams in the ethereal sky star a still sea
and ripple the veil in front of my eyes. 
     forgive me if my mouth is speechless at this, 
but the sweep of your soul has me caught. 
there is no time to tell you all that i ought,
     so take this kiss from my heart as your own. 
and know that the ways we travel are vast
     and wherever you wander, you are never alone.
     even the night cannot keep us apart,
its vast mountains and seas are useless at this. 
      for i am the breeze, the sun and the stars,
always brushing lightly at your heart. 
i am the waves, the storm and the sea,
      the warmth that you feel in each coffee sip. 
i am your heart and i am your soul,
       even the wind, breathless at your lips. 
phillip mellor 2015

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