Pasta In The Olive Groves

A week or so ago I told you all about a collection of work I wrote back in June 2014 called Blue In Green. I am finally readying myself for its release and wanted to give you a little preview before its release in June. So here it is, your first taste of Blue In Green. A poem called Pasta In The Olive Groves. The artwork is by my amazing friend Catherine Pendegrass whose illustrations appear throughout the book. Enjoy!

Pasta In The Olive Groves

It would be sometime before she saw Italy again,
So in this moment she soaked it in,
Cast her green eyes over the vineyards along the Adige.

She thought of him, dressed in his linen shirt,
Perched on some veranda, casual glass of white tipped,
Soaking the lips she used to dream of.

Life is full of tragedies.

She loved the Verona sunset, how its golden light
Spread across the rooftops of the old town,
How the sparkle meandered down to the edge of sky.

They would never meet, she knew that now.
Something in the way the light let go of the air, or
How she knew he was out there somewhere,
Lifting a fork-full of pasta to his mouth,

Shedding a tear for lost love.

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