Emptiness Video (From Blue In Green)

Shouldn’t I have more time on my hands right now? Is it just me or are you all finding that you are busier than ever? I am running a little behind on updates, but as they say (whoever they are) better late than never.

Hopefully you all caught the update last week that my poem Windows was accepted into the Poetry Archive Now! WorldView 2020 competition. If not, or if you wish to give it another viewing, you can find it if you scroll down. I am so elated that it has been accepted and now wait for the shortlisting in September. It has gained 149 views in 6 days which is pretty awesome. So thank you to all who have watched it so far. I hope you keep watching, sharing it with your friends and all the other good stuff.

This post however, is about another video I made for the poem Emptiness taken from my new book of poems Blue In Green. The book is due for release on Amazon this month. I have been busy putting the final touches to it and will have some more news on that very soon. Until then, enjoy some spoken word poetry as a preview to what you can expect from the book. And if you like what you hear, please give it a thumbs up, leave a comment consider subscribing to this blog and my YouTube channel where you can find more videos of my spoken word poetry. It all helps. Thank you. Phil

Emptiness from Blue In Green

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