Poetry Archive Now! WorldView 2020 competition.


I am so happy to share my entry to the Poetry Archive Now! WorldView 2020 competition with you all! The poem, titled Windows was accepted and uploaded to the Poetry Archive’s YouTube channel this morning! You can watch and listen to it here https://youtu.be/RsfaPQ_UxOo

If you do like the poem, please give it a thumbs up on the YouTube page, and if you do wish to, please consider leaving a comment on the video as well and share it with all your friends and encourage them to do the same. It will all really help gather views and interest in the poem and it would mean the world to me if you could.

The competition runs until September when it will be closed and a panel of poets will view all the submitted videos with the goal of shortlisting 50 for the final publication to the Poetry Archive’s website and a small monetary prize for those chosen.

I also encourage you all to check out the Poetry Archive’s website, which houses lots of poetry resources and audio performances of well-known poets from around the world. It has provided me with hours of interest over the years and is a wonderful resource.

Keep your fingers crossed for me and please like, comment, and spread the word. Thank you as always for your support!

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