By Grace We Go, By Flesh We Stay

Here you are again between the night and the razor blade; The unconscious beating brain bargaining with the morning. Your hands are so empty they may as well be called space, They are clawing at the pillow beside you in the early rays. No haste in waking, yet knowing the time is now you pace … Continue reading By Grace We Go, By Flesh We Stay

Beloved Prayer

Tip out every last drop of me Fill me up with you. Take my name and cast it out Upon your great seas. For I am nothing but blue. Dissolve my want and needs, Evaporate them in your sun; Shine in my heart today And in the hearts of everyone. © Phillip Mellor 2015


A glass of red wine has a certain opulence, A deep swimming sophistication. Sweet berries bright and bold Fermented and full in the vessel. Like a heart of love spilt fresh upon the snow, She sings the song of lovebirds Beckoning her lover inside. A sip at her lips, an offering of beauty Surrendering to … Continue reading Cabernet